Fly fishing Denver in Waterton Canyon up the Waterton Canyon trail.
Waterton Canyon Colorado Denver fly fishing
Besides ducks fly
entering Waterton
Canyon often see
mule deer and
even bighorn
sheep. Near
Waterton Canyon fly fishing near Denver
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Fly Fishing Waterton Canyon:
Part of the South Platte River, located just outside of Denver,
is a good fishery that offers Denver anglers a chance to get in
a little streamside fly fishing close to home.  Just upstream
from Chatfield Reservoir, Waterton Canyon is most easily
explored on a mountain bike.  From the parking area off
Wadsworth Blvd., one can walk or bike up the trail where six
miles of trout stream await.  The farther up Waterton Canyon
one goes, the better the fly fishing usually is.  Occasionally a
monster rainbow or brown trout is caught as it travels
upstream from Chatfield Reservoir to spawn, but most of the
fish tend to be on the smaller end of the trout spectrum.

The aggressive trout that inhabit the upper stretches of
Waterton Canyon are often fooled by attractor dry flies or
standard nymph rigs.  The dry-dropper combo can also be
deadly in Waterton Canyon.

Winter anglers from Denver can also find relative solitude, in
Waterton Canyon, and have opportunities to test their fly
fishing skills on these pretty brown and rainbow trout.
Fly Fishing in Waterton Canyon near Denver, Colorado.
Another Waterton
Canyon Brown trout.  
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Caddisfly photo from Waterton Canyon.
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A wild brown trout caught in Waterton Canyon.
Perfect for quick Denver fly fishing day trips.
Caddisfly from Waterton Canyon.  Click hear for
information on our
aquatic entomology course.
Waterton Canyon
fly fishing very close to
Denver, Colorado
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