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The Blue River in Colorado:
The Blue, as it is known to locals, is truly a unique fishery.  Different sections of the river can take on a variety of
characteristics. The upper sections, before the river hits Lake Dillon, has a small stream feel. There have been both private
and public efforts to improve the fishery.  Today lots of hungry, sometimes not-so-little, trout inhabit this section of
Colorado' s Blue River.  Probing The Blue's confluence with Lake Dillon with streamers and nymphs can provide exciting fly
fishing action.  

The tailwater section of The Blue River, below Lake Dillon, is where The blue begins to gain national notoriety.  Mysis
shrimp inhabit Lake Dillon.  As these small freshwater shrimp are swept into the river below the reservoir, something truly
amazing happens.  Trout line up in droves to feed on the protein-rich shrimp.  These trout can reach epic proportions and
take on astonishingly brilliant color variations, making them some of the most beautiful trout in the state.  

This tailwater begins in the town of Silverthorn where the Blue River flows out of Lake Dillon. Catching fish under Interstate
70 behind outlet malls, with curious and often enthusiastic onlookers, is not for everyone.  Anglers who like to test their
skills on these wary trout somehow always find a way to make the most of it.

Below the town, anglers can access The Blue River at several public access points.  Fly fishing is usually consistent, with
browns and rainbows being the norm.  In the fall, Kokanee Salmon enter the river from Green Mountain Reservoir and add
additional angling opportunities.

Below Green Mountain Reservoir on the Blue River there is a three-mile-long canyon that is open to the public.  The trail is
rugged and, unless you are in good physical shape and fishing with a buddy, it is not wise to venture far into this canyon,
especially because rising water could potentially leave you stranded.

Below this canyon, almost all of The Blue River access is private.  Please respect the private property.  However, fishing is
good if you are lucky enough to gain access to private water on the Blue River.
The Blue River eventually flows into the Colorado River near the town of Kremmling there is some public access above the
confluence but fishing of often spotty.  Watch for big brown trout moving up from the Colorado River in the fall.
Tailwater fly fishing in Colorado on the Blue River.
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Blue river tailwater below lake dillon in silverthorn
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Guided fly fishing on the Blue River
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Rainbow trout fly fishing on the Blue River in Downtown Silverthorne.
Blue River fly fishing in Silverthorne, Colorado. Guided fly fishing trips on the Blue.
Fishing the Blue River under HWY I-70 in Colorado. Urban fly fishing!
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