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Fly Fisherman's Entomology Class:

Colorado Trout Hunters is pleased to offer fly fishing-oriented
on-stream entomology classes.  If you have a hard time
figuring out what kind of bugs you are looking at, or if you are
not quite sure what fly you should put on in a certain situation,
our aquatic entomology class is a must for you.  In the class,
you will learn the different identifying features of aquatic
insects.  We will explain their life cycle (invaluable to a fly
fisherman) who is trying to “match the hatch”.  We will show
you different techniques to catch, examine, and identify
insects in the stream.  We will also examine trout stomach
samples to see what different fish are feeding on in different
conditions.  At the end of the class you will get a peek inside
the instructor's personal fly box, and they will explain what flies
to use to best imitate the natural insects trout feed on in

This three hour on-stream course can help take your fishing
knowledge and fly fishing abilities to the next level.

We are happy to work around your time schedule.  

You can be assured that when you book one of our
entomology classes, you and your group will have the
instructor's undivided attention during your private session.

Price is $100 based on two person minimum.  Get a group of
four or more and the price is $80 per person.
Adult Western Green Drake photo, taken by Tad Howard
during a hatch on the North Fork of The
South Platte River
Picture of a Giant Stonefly Nymph also known as a Willow Fly or Salmon Fly.
Adult caddisfly picture.
Stonefly nymph from the Colorado River
Fly Fisherman's On-Stream
Entomology Class
Western Green Drake photo
Adult Caddisfly photo taken on a Small Colorado Stream.