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October 6

There are a lot of websites listed for guided trout fishing tours in Colorado,
but as far as I'm concerned there is only ONE worth going for and that is
COLORADO TROUT HUNTERS!!!!! I had the privilege of fishing with a true
gentlemen and one of the best guides I have EVER been with, the owner Tad

Tad is the ultimate professional and an expert guide in catch and release
trout fishing...His true concern for the environment and the fish themselves is
quite impressive...

I am from NJ, recently moved to CO, and have never had an experience like
this, in that we caught many different varieties of trout and plenty of them...

Book the whole day tour, with a great lunch at a local ranch, you WONT be
PS....Check out the
pictures on their website.
-Marty Jasion
Westminster, Co.
October 21
I had an awesome time fly fishing the South Platte, and i know that my father
even had a better time.   Thanks a lot again, that was some of the best fishing
I have ever had.
Scott Bogdan

Thanks for taking and sending the pictures of our successes. Once
again thanks for a
phenomenal day on the water. Scott and I could not have
imagined a more perfect outcome. The fish were HUGE and hungry and your
expertise allowed us to net many in the 20" range!  We learned a lot as
well, and for sure will be back.
Tight lines,
Mike Bogdan
Thank you very much.  The pictures are great, but the experience was much
greater!  I thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days fishing the South Platte River with
the "Trout Hunter", and I hope that we will be able to do it again.  Although
my son, used to prefer spin fishing to fly fishing, I would much rather fly fish,
and I think he has officially been converted to the wonders of a fly rod.

Thank you very much.  You have helped create some memories that will last
us both a lifetime.
Tad:  Thank you again for the amazing day at Sheephorn.  In a word, it was
epic.  Catching over 100 fish, several of which qualified for Master Angler
status, and loosing track of how many doubles Rowdy and I had will not soon
be forgotten.  It's too bad that you didn't spend some time with a line in the
water; we undoubtedly would have had nearly as many triples.

I am also thrilled that you took the time to explain to Rowdy and I how to fish a
midge hatch, like the one we encountered at Sheephorn, in the future.  I
continue to maintain that your outstanding ability to teach is one of the
greatest differentiators between you and the majority of other guides who
can put their clients on big fish.

I look forward to fishing with you again soon,
-Luther B.

September 2006
"Thanks again for everything yesterday.  I've been dreaming of getting into
monsters like that for a while.  As much as we've been fishing together, I'm
amazed that I keep coming away from each day having learned so much.  I
don't know how you keep opening so many new dimensions of fly fishing.  It's
truly amazing!"
– Luther B.
Nice late fall brown trout.
Luther Birdzell with a beautiful brook trout.
I took off last Saturday and headed to the Davidson River and ended up
catching 4 or 5 trout two of them were good sized for the streams we have
here.  Here is a picture of a nice brown and rainbow that I caught using
Tad Howard showed me in Colorado.  Thanks for everything, I
really appreciate you taking the time to teach me some things as well as
catch some great fish!
Trey M.
Rainbow trout photo submitted by Trey Miller caught on the
Davidson River using some techniques learned on his
Colorado fly fishing guide trip.
Our fly fishing day trip at North Fork Ranch was awesome.  
This was our first fishing trip in Colorado, and we will definitely be
returning.  Colorado Trout Hunters is very organized (great
communication too - even had notes about my need for a left-handed rod

Jake, our fantastic guide, was so attentive; he keep a watchful eye on
both of us, making sure we landed fish, took photos (helped net the
fish I dropped from trying to hold for photos), and untangled us quite
often. Though I need to work on my "holding the fish for photos" technique
(and fly-fishing skills), the entire day trip was a memorable experience.  I am
so excited to return, I can hardly wait!  In fact, I told Kevin that I want to return
for my birthday.  The
North Forth Ranch was amazing too; lunch was
unforgettable.  Thank you again Jake for being one of the best fishing guides
we've had.
Janelle Lau
One of the many beautiful Colorado trout landed by
Marty on his guided fly fishing trip
Janelle and Jake with a big rainbow trout.
June 12
Fishing with you and on the South Platte was awesome! The quality of the
fish in that river spoiled me and my buddies for life. Thanks for the day, and
you being our guide, made us just have to cast and catch. Beautiful job
Brian, Dave, Mark
Las Vegas, Nev
Mark (left) and Dave (above) with a couple
great trout that were all to willing to chase flies
Scott and Mike bogdan with a nice rainbow trout double.
EXCITING!!  I had an AWESOME time fishing with Tad Howard on the
ROARING South Platte River.  This was the best fly fishing trip I had ever
been on.  The scenery was BEAUTIFUL………the river was ROARING….and
Tad was so patient with me---as he kept having to retrieve my hook from
somewhere that it shouldn’t have been.  I did get the hang of it…right?   He
was GREAT!!!   I have never CAUGHT so many HUGE fish.  As they always
say…the BIG one REALLY did get away—just ask Tad.   I would recommend
him to EVERYONE!!!!  I will be back!  Thanks again Tad!
-B. Fox
Becky Fox with a
beautiful brown
trout she landed
on her trip.
I can't thank you and Jake enough for the wonderful 2 days of fishing. Both of
you were so kind and patient with me and I learned so much. Appreciated the
CD and hat-have already showed the pictures to my friends.

You made my 2 day summer vacation a dream of a lifetime. More fish and
larger than I'd ever imagined. Colorado Trout Hunters has "hooked" a loyal
customer. Best wishes for continued success and hope to see you again

Vicki with a nice bow from here Colorado fly fishing adventure.
Tad - here are a few photos from our trip on Wednesday.  I can't  
thank you enough for the wonderful trip.  I really learned a lot from  
you and look forward to fishing together again sometime.  We just got  
back to MN this evening and we're heading for the lake in WI tomorrow  
morning so I'm looking forward to fly fishing for smallmouths /  
pike.  I really had a wonderful time - it was the highlight of my  
trip.  Especially being able to land the two big ones and the front  
row seat to the lightning show.

Take care - let me know if you're ever heading to the midwest!   I'm  
sure I'll get in touch with you next time we head out to CO.
Tony with one of his "big ones" from Tarryall creek.
Nice brown trout picture.
"Our first guided trip of our life couldn't have been any better. Tad Howard
was incredible with guidance, tips and knowledge. My son and I  had no
idea this would be one of the best days of our life and we can't quit
talking about it. We spent a full day with Tad and it actually kept
getting better as the day went on, did I say we caught over ten fish in
the first hour? We noticed other fishermen out there, but they were all
watching us! We'll be back soon, this is an unbeatable deal."
-Steve and Steven Holiday
Steven with a cut-bow trout from Deckers .
Just arrived back at the hotel after various meetings and felt that the first thing I needed to
do was to send you my very sincerest thanks for making yesterday a very very special day
that exceeded my own wildest expectations.  

Truly it was one of those rare occasions that the expression “WOW” was meant for – my
wife calls them my Cheshire Cat moments when all I can do is grin broadly and pinch
myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream!  

When a fisherman can say ‘enough I don’t want to be greedy’ it says volumes for the
experience. Needless to say when you lose count of the number of fish that put up a ten
minute + fight, running upstream and downstream tearing off line, then leaping and diving
- in one case bending the hook - how can you say anything but that it was fantastic!  

Needless to say I am all too aware of the part you played in making this a wonderful day
and indeed for your companionship – both of which I am truly grateful for – thank you.

Rest assured I’ll be making contact with you very soon with a number of queries and
advice and of course to send you a photo.  Regardless I’m already looking forward to your
guiding me on future days.  

I’m forwarding this to my brother to pique his attention and interest in accompanying me
since I can’t imagine there is anything to compare in Europe that doesn’t entail taking a
mortgage from the Bank of England.

Best wishes – Paul S.
Paul with his big fish of the day.
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed my fishing
experience with your guide service.  In a word, it was extraordinary!

Most of my fly-fishing experience has been saltwater angling in
Florida.  Visiting Colorado presented an entirely new fishing opportunity that
I was keen on pursuing.  Choosing Colorado Trout Hunters, with Chris
as my guide, proved most fortuitous.

Chris could not have been more professional, helpful or friendly.  He
went above and beyond to put me on fish in a beautiful setting, and
provide  me with much appreciated instruction so that I might develop
skills that I can employ in any trout fishing environment.  I suspect,
however, that I will find my way back to Colorado again soon, largely due to
the favorable introduction I received through your organization.  I
look forward to calling on Colorado Trout Hunters when I plan my return
to the Rockies.

Best regards,  Andrew
Fishing trips on the South Platte near Denver.
Just wanted to tell you that Hunter and I were in "Heaven on Earth" the 2
days you and Blaine guided for us.  Both the high mountain lake fishing and
the South Platte river fishing was a lifetime experience for us.  Your
professionalism and patience with us is to be commended.  I am definitely
going to tell all my friends and relatives to use Colorado Trout Hunters if
they ever want an amazing fishing trip in the most spectacular scenery in

Thanks again for putting us on the fish.
Thanks again for everything yesterday.  Not only did we catch some great
fish and have an awesome time, we all agreed we learned a ton from you.  
My brother caught the biggest trout of his life and my dad thanked us a
million times for bringing him up there.  I am sure no matter what we would
have had a great trip, but we all really had great time with you as our guide
and will recommend Colorado Trout Hunters to anyone and everyone.  I am
sure this will become an annual tradition for the three of us.  

Clint W.
Beautiful rainbow trout.
Fly fishing is a great way to spend time with family.
Thanks again for the great two days on the South Platte. Erin and I
had a
fantastic time and I think the second day even beat our day last
spring. Catching the big five was a thrill. We had fun at Cheesman Canyon
the following day as well, although it was pretty crowded. We caught a
few fish but missed your sighting capabilities and expertise. Hope to
fish with you again soon.

Thanks again,
-Alan F.
One of Alan's beautiful brown trout from the South Platte
Thanks for a memorable trip with my son, Will, on the South Platte.  With a
five pound rainbow on the first cast, I knew it was going to be an incredible
day.  This was a very special time with my son, which both of us will
remember fondly for the rest of our lives.

We have already started talking about making this an annual trip.
Your incredible ability to see the fish and even their wet takes is what made
what could have been just an average day into a spectacular day.  
Hope to see you soon.
Terry with a big rainbow.
, my son Brandon and I had a great time fishing with you last week on
the Platte River !!  You picked a great location, with outstanding water and
scenery -- and your expertise and passion for the sport was very apparent.  
We were extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of the fish we
caught.  While it was our first fly fishing experience, the fish we caught were
much larger than most I see in magazines and a friend of mine who used to
be a fly fishing guide in Colorado was shocked at the size of the fish.  I will
definitely recommend you to any friends that want a great Colorado fly
fishing experience and will be back in touch when we return to Colorado .  
Thanks for the memories!!
Brandon with a big cut-bow from his father-son
spring break fly fishing trip.
Our experience was that Fred Gray was exceptional, the best guide we
have ever had, Fred showed patience and expertise along with safety on
the river for my wife who is beginning. She came away with the best fishing
experience of her life. We greatly appreciate his knowledge and his
willingness to share this knowledge of trout fishing. We recommend Fred to
anyone who wants to enjoy a true fishing experience.
We will come back for the trophy trout!!
Thanks Fred
Tommy and Julia ---- Sanford NC
Summer is a beautiful time in Colorado.
Just wanted to drop you a short note to say “Thank You” again for a great
time and one that I am sure that my son and I will not forget.  Having
hunted in the past and familiar with guide services, my only expectation
and hope was to find a guide who was passionate about their line of work,
knowledgeable about their field of expertise and was courteous and polite
with their customer(s).  Having never done any fly fishing and knowing
that there are no guarantees when you are dealing with nature and those
that are living in their streams and lakes -- as well as on their banks, I was
only hoping for an opportunity to catch a fish with my son and capture it
with a picture.  You met and exceeded all of our expectations.  We had so
much success, both in quantity and quality, that we even had to give up
taking pictures!   I was also impressed that you were able to teach and
instruct while we were catching fish so that we were immediately immersed
(literally and figuratively) in the experience of catching fish from the
moment we took our first step into the riverbed.   I was also amazed as to
your ability and sense of where the fish were and were also able to
actually see fish in places where I would have bet you there were none.  

Your expertise and proficiency was even more established when we
bumped into another group of fishermen from another outfitters service
who had been fishing in the exact spot where we had been the afternoon
before and were complaining that they had not had any luck when, every
time we casted a line in the water, we were catching fish.   For those of
you who are looking for a guide who will work hard for you and with you to
insure your trip is a success, Tad Howard with Colorado Trout Hunters is
who I will both highly recommend and will exclusively use in the future with
my family and friends.  
Steve A.  - Odessa, Texas
Father son success in Colorado!
I've been fly fishing for almost 40 years and this was the best day I've
ever had.  Most fish, biggest fish, best guide, period.  I actually told
friends it was one of the best days of my life, and when I did the math,
Patient, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and persistent. The whole
process of using you guys was wonderful, the equipment was first-rate,
the private water rich and challenging, and your operation flexible to
meet my schedule and demands.  I will use CO Trout Hunters myself
again and won't hesitate to recommend you, as I have already done to
colleagues in Denver.  All the best and good fishing.  
-B. Kingston
Fred Gray was our Guide.  Let's just put it this way, my twin and i had
never fly fished before and it seemed like we were the only ones on the
river catching fish.  Was it luck?  I think NOT.  Fred had quite an eagle's
eye for spotting the fish.  We even went to a spot where other
fisherman had just left empty handed and sure enough, Fred would
spot them and we would catch them.  My brother did better than i but
Fred did a good job at keeping us both encouraged.  He was really
funny too.  We had a great time.  Thanks again!
-P. Cortez
Pete with a nice Trout on the South Platte near Deckers.
As a father it has always been my belief that ones life is made of
experiences and memories, and those memories are priceless.  I've been
Wanted to say again, how perfect our first trout fishing experience went.  
blessed to be able to make memories  with my children and my wife and
thanks to you, and your efforts, Weston and I have another "experience"
that we will always cherish.  Again, I'm glad our paths crossed and we
both look forward to the next time we fish with you and Colorado Trout
R. and W. Helms
Rob and Weston at the end of their 3 day spring break trip.
Colorado Trout Hunters,
From day one, I have been impressed by the professionalism shown by
Colorado Trout Hunters.  With help from Tad Howard he set us up with a
guided trip. My wife Lindsay and I were guided on the South Platte, and
we had a blast. From the second we arrived it was all about learning and
catching fish. Our guide made sure to take every extra effort to spot,
assist, and put us on some good fish. With this being our first time fly
fishing I would recommend Trout Hunters guides to anybody who is
searching for one. There is nothing like catching wild Brown and Rainbow
trout! Thanks again for all the professionalism and extreme concern for
the clients needs and abilities.
Ryan and Lindsay
Guide John Williams with a nice Platte River brown with angler Lindsay.
Fishing with Tad Howard today was one of my best days ever trout fishing. Tad put
me on a Colorado grand slam in trout. Starting with rainbow trout, brown trout,
Colorado cutthroat, Snake River cutthroat, and brook trout.
These were my first ever cuttroat & brook trout.
I caught over thirty fish, lost 10 in the grass (including two of at least 4 lbs) and
missed at least 15 strikes. All fishing was in an alpine lake about three acres. Grass
from 10 to 20 feel along edge of bank and very thick. All fish caught on dry flies
(usually a speckled dun and a midge or knat).No current, Just let the flies sit and
eventually one would hit it. Fishing with strong tippet. Great fun trying to get them to
the top and over the grass to the net. No way on the 4 pounders. All the fish were 14 -
18 inches. The 16 & 17 inch cutts & brookies are real trophies at that size. Took four
brookies,six cutthroats, five browns and the rest rainbows. Kind of a unique
experience fishing flat water but I like streams the best. Also had two thunder storms
with the best hour of fishing between them. Had lightening and hail (did sit in the truck
through that).

I called Tad after looking at his website ( He had no
problem when I told him I wanted to catch cutthroat & brook trout but he hesitated
some when I added I would like to find fairly large specimens to make replicas for the
wall. Tad finally said he could probably deliver if I did not mind fishing an alpine lake.
Deliver he did. I have caught more and larger trout in a day but never five different
species. The brookies waited until an hour window between two major thunder storms.
Maybe it took that to wake them up for the day. Hated to leave the lake but lightening
has a way of convincing even to avid anglers like Tad & me. I would highly
recommend Tad Howard. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He provided
excellent equipment with the right flies and he knew the best presentation to make the
fish strike
Beautiful brook trout caught by angler Tim on his high country trout adventure.
I can't thank you enough for the great time I had yesterday.  Your certainly provided
me with a "Colorado Experience" that I will never forget.  You are a great guide, and I
look forward to fishing with you again next year.  I already have several friends that
want in next year with me.
Thanks Again!
Bill with his big brooktrout!
I am so stoked about our day today. You were a great and knowledgeable guide. I
mostly appreciate your advice about how to approach each hole with the utmost
concentration. Specifically, I learned that fishing every possible hole with care and
attention to detail can really pay off.

I will never forget the toad we caught. For the rest of my life I will remember every
detail from its initial chase on the small brown, streamer,  4 charges, a quick fly
adjustment, a tight cast and swing, a strip, a tug, a log, a broken rod, hand lining,
and triumph. Truly, that fishing experience will never die. I already told my 3 month
old daughter!
Andy with a monster wild small stream brown trout!
Many thanks for your awesome guiding, fishing tips, advice, patience, understanding
and opportunity to hook into some monster fish. I'm still amazed on how big some of
those fish were!

I really appreciate your individual time, volunteer time, kindness, teamwork and
helping me to pay more attention when the indicator is active. I will definitely will
apply the skills learned, awareness and scouting techniques in my future fishing
trips. It really meant a lot for you to take your personal time and help me to enjoy
the sport even more and become more skilled. You're a awesome guide and
person. It was an honor to fish with one of the best, meet you, your team and just be
on the water, soaking up the scenery. I hope all is well, please stay in touch and if I
know of any of my friends looking for a awesome
guide, I'll refer them to you.

Many thanks again and take care,