Spring fishing in Colorado big trout
Spring Fly Fishing in
March, April, and May can
offer incredible Colorado
fly fishing opportunities.
Spring fly fishing:
Almost all fly fishermen look forward to spring fly fishing.  The ice, snow,
and cold of winter are starting to disappear.  The days are getting
longer, and there are always those beautiful warm days that make any
fisherman long for the stream.  Fortunately for anglers, here in
Colorado, spring consistently offers incredible angling opportunities.

As the temperatures warm, mayfly larva start to become active and the
spring BWO (blue winged olive) hatches start.  These small mayflies are
like candy to the hungry trout who have been waiting all winter to feed
heavily.  Along with the BWO's, small dark stoneflies begin to hatch,
along with the midges that have been hatching all winter.  Many
different types of aquatic larva become more active in the spring as the
water warms.

Spring is also the time of year when rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and
cut-bow trout spawn.  In the weeks preceding the spawning activities,
trout feed heavily to replenish their energy after a long winter.   This
insures they are at their sexual peak during the spawn.  This pre-spawn
feeding activity can make for some exciting early season fishing action!  
These fish should be handled with extra special care and fought quickly
to insure their health going into the spawn.

Although it is very tempting  to fish to actively spawning fish on
"reds", it can interfere with the trout reproductive cycle and can have
adverse effects on future fish populations.  "Reds", otherwise known as
spawning beds, can be easily identified.  They are usually in relatively
shallow gravely areas and usually show up as a lighter colored circle or
oval as large as 2-3 feet in diameter.  Often many of these "reds" will be
found together in one area of the river.  Anglers should take care not to
walk through these areas as it can crush and disrupt fertilized eggs.
Fish actively spawning can be identified when seen flapping or flashing
on their side repeatedly.  These fish should not be disturbed.

For a month or two after trout spawn they again feed very heavily to
regain the weight and energy they expended.  This can give fly
fisherman some exciting opportunities at big fish that might not be as
picky as they are at other times of the year.

Great spring fishing is available close to Denver.  The
South Platte is
legendary for its spring fly fishing opportunities and the lunker trout that
are pulled from its depths every season.

Give us a call and get out and enjoy the spring fly fishing opportunities
that we have available.

Hope see you on the river this spring!!
-Colorado Trout Hunters PRO staff
The different fly fishing
seasons in Colorado
Spring rainbow trout photo,spring fly-fishing in Colorado- Caught fly fishing in April.
Spring trout photo fly fishing in April.
Snake River cutthroat trout photo. March fly fishing trips on the South Platte River.
cut bow trout is spawning colors caught on a Spring fly fishing trip
spring trout fishing in Colorado
Spring fly fishing colorado-spring trout fishing
Big trout fly fishing trips Colorado spring fly fishing
colorado cutthroat trout photo spawning colors in spring, April fly fishing in Colorado
Spring is when we catch and have chances at some of the biggest trout of the year.
Spring fly fishing trips in Colorado
Trout in spawning colors
Spring fly fishing on the South Platte is a great time to find migratory fish.
Many of our biggest and most beautiful rainbows and cut-bows are caught in the spring.
Guided spring fly fishing trips in Colorado
Spring in the high country comes late. Beautiful Colorado Cutthroat Trout
Beautiful spring rainbow trout photo.
Spring tailwater trout fishing in Colorado.