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Fred is native Coloradan who grew up fishing the areas that he
now guides.  A very well known Denver area fly fishing guide,
Fred calls on his local knowledge, along with his many years of
guiding experience to ensure that his clients go away from
each day with a smile, as well as information and memories
that will be with them for years to come.

Fred is about as nice a guy as you will ever meet.  If you want
to get on his good side, ask him about bow hunting--his other
passion.  He uses traditional archery equipment and has
achieved great success over the years taking big bucks on
public ground -- one that even scores in the top 10 for
Colorado (although he modestly has never sought official
notoriety for this accomplishment).

Some of the characteristics that make Fred such a good
hunter also mold his keen fly fishing ability.   Patience is key,
as well as a good eye for spotting fish and a common sense
approach to each sport.  Fred's knack for picking the right flies
for the condition and getting clients into position to catch
beautiful trout is well known on the South Platte and translates
into any fly fishing situation.

When you spend the day with Fred you will undoubtedly learn
a lot about fly fishing our local waters.  But even more
importantly,you will have a great time!

Favorite fishing spots:
Fred is at home on the South Platte River in Colorado a true
expert at finding fish on this river and its tributaries.  When not
fishing close to home, look for Fred floating some of the best
rivers of the west, including the North Platte River, The Big
Horn, The Missouri, and occasionally even the San Juan.

I just wanted to let you know how great of a time we had out on
the Dream Stream last Monday!  It was some of the best
fishing I’ve had in my young fly fishing career.  I’m sure I don’t
have to tell you what an excellent guide Fred was but I will
anyways….what a world class gentleman!  His enthusiasm,
patience, and fishing knowhow made for an absolutely
enjoyable experience for me.  As for my Father and Uncle who
had never touched a fly-rod before the trip; Fred’s approach to
teaching give them the basic skills and confidence to continue
working with this often frustrating sport for the rest of the week
with a lot of success.  Hands down the best guided fly trip I
have ever been on….Thanks Fred!
-L. Church

We couldn't be more pleased with our fishing experience and
couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable and skillful
guide.  Fred did a great job teaching us good technique and
was very patient and attentive.  We had a great time!  Many
thanks to Fred!

We took lots of pictures of the many fish we caught.  Attached
is my favorite, the most beautiful rainbow trout on the planet!
-J. Diehl

Joel and I went fishing memorial day weekend with Fred and
had a blast.  Our fishing experience was such that upon return
to the Denver area, I'm sure we'll set up another trip.  Our
guide, Fred, was a great help. If it weren't for his direction I'm
sure I would not have landed any of the fish I did. He also
brought extra warm clothes for this Texas girl who didn't think it
was going to be snowing on us in late May! Little do I know
about the Rocky Mountains!

Fred was patient with us and a ton of fun.

Both of us landed nice fish... with the biggest of all getting
away from Joel in an epic battle of Man vs Fish!
Thank you for the great experience!
-C. Douglas

Our experience was that Fred was exceptional, the best guide
we have ever had, Fred showed patience and expertise along
with safety on the river for my wife who is beginning. She came
away with the best fishing experience of her life. We greatly
appreciate his knowledge and his willingness to share this
knowledge of trout fishing. We recommend Fred to anyone
who wants to enjoy a true fishing experience.
We will come back for the trophy trout!!
Thanks Fred
Tommy and Julia ---- Sanford NC

Having fished with many different guides over my lifetime, I can
honestly say that Fred Gray is tops. I could not have been
more relaxed and his fish finding ability is astonishing.
Because of his work, my trip to Bailey, CO was both fun and
will be remembered as one of those "chances of a lifetime."

Just wanted to say thanks for a great day with Fred Gray
yesterday.  Exceeded my expectations. I had a great time and
plan to do it again the next time.  Fred’s a great guide, put me
on fish, and coached me on what to do without any pressure.  
Will certainly let others know about your team including
updating the web site where I originally got a referral for you.
Thx again for a great time and please let Fred know how much
fun I had.
-B. McCarthy
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Fly Fishing Guide
Fred Gray
Denver fly fishing guides Fred Gray with a BIG rainbow trout!
One of Fred's many trophy whitetails taken
with a re-curve bow on public land
Colorado trout fishing guide Fred Gray with another big trout from the Platte.
A walleye caught while fly fishing the Denver area.
Let Fred show you how to catch trout like this in the spring!
Denver fly fishing guide Fred Gray with a big trout.